Flocabulary Sync With Clever

Teachers, we have had several students create Flocabulary accounts that are not synced with Clever. A student can enroll in multiple classes from the same account, and having it synced with Clever will save time in the long run. Several of these accounts have been deleted. To enroll students in Flocabulary and have it sync to their Clever portal, please follow the instructions below. Have students use the Clever portal to open Flocabulary

Students should select “Join Class” on the top right of the screen to start the sign-up process

Have students enter your class code in step 1
(Which you can find on your “My Classes” Page)

Students should select “I’m New to Flocabulary”

Once on Step 3, they will need to scroll down and select “Sign in with Google”

That’s it! Next time they use Clever to get to Flocabulary they will be automatically signed in.
Creation date: 10/26/2016 10:21 AM      Updated: 10/26/2016 10:21 AM