CipaFilter on Chromebooks

CipaFilter Authenticator

***It is essential only the user who is logged into the Chromebook enter his/her username and password on the CipaFilter Authenticator page. Authenticating will allow internet access and will show users activity, search history, etc on the district filter.***

  • No Internet
Username / Password never entered in
  • No Internet
Username / Password not entered correctly
  • Internet Works
Username / Password successfully registered

Page Loads automatically, or click on icon on top right of Chrome with the yellow block.

  • Enter username
  • Enter Password two (2) times in the required spaces
  • Click Continue.

  • 4. Status should show GREEN, please note the icon in the top right of Chrome should now have a Green “OK” box. If box is Red please continue to next step.

    5. If RED, it is because the username/password sequence was not entered correctly…

    6. Click “Edit Credentials”

    7. Click “Delete”

    8. Click “Yes” to delete credentials

    9. Click “Return”

    10. Enter users correct username and password

    11. If entered correctly Check mark should be GREEN
    Creation date: 3/23/2017 11:36 AM      Updated: 3/23/2017 11:36 AM